Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No Hope in New Hope!!!!!!

The men in blue in New Hope, MN where able to apprehend mob members this past Saturday at the FAF (Family Arts Festival).

We have always known that the notorious ramble rousers wouldn't be able to abate justice forever, and this was our chance!

Look at her smug look as this Johnny Law puts the cuffs on the member kwown as Giraffe Art + Utility.

Rebecca pleaded to spare her monkeys, but we have worked too hard tracking these pest around the greater metro area to let their prehensile tails of destruction slip through the bars of the law.

Save your one phone call for Hazel and Melvin, Rebecca, cause you're going away!

Even though she tried to obscure her face, we know there will being no more running from the long arm of the law for Run Amok!

Even Jack from our K-9 Unit agreed, those handcuffs were hand made for Hezze*Made!

We were able to dust for prints to find evidence to stop the international reach of Trophiogrande.....good riddance!

Congratulations on a job well done!

The mob was able to slip through our hands again, as the prosecution, for unexplained reasons, dropped all charges!