Thursday, November 29, 2007

No Coast!

The boys in blue found these flyers while on patrol. A pretty gusty move by the Saint Paul Craftmafia, hopefully we won't lose them in the crowd.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Rebecca Yaker at Stich!

Stitch was awesome event and fantastically organized!
We arrived at the convention center at 11 am on Saturday, November10th - there was to be a runway walk-through at noon. I had a feeling I was going to have a model "no show", so I let Carly and Tina know that one of my models was a little sketchy..... Anyway, at about 11:45 I called her, as she had not arrived, and sure enough, she cancelled - all I could do was laugh, wondering if I willed it. Carly was determined to find me a model, and was constantly bringing me stitch volunteers. In the end, it was my beautiful, busty redhead Drew who saved the day. She got her college pal Yolis (short from Yolanda) to come on down and model. A cute, bubbly girl form Monterey, Mexico who goes to school in Austin. There were fantastic vendors at the Guerrilla Craft Bazaar, one woman had the most fantastic embroidered pieces I had ever seen - "Made byHank" out of Pennsylvania. I contemplated taking her home with me, I loved her work so much. So, all that waiting, and prepping, and sewing busty Drew into the dress (I was prepared for this with an extra panel of brown knit forjust the occasion), but you couldn't tell, and taking in David's BIG trousers (Jenny's measurements were a tad bit generous) paid off, because I had a fantastically exciting time. The crowd sounded a little quiet from backstage, but once Jenny revealed that bikini, they all went apeshit, and every pun is intended!