Thursday, November 29, 2007

No Coast!

The boys in blue found these flyers while on patrol. A pretty gusty move by the Saint Paul Craftmafia, hopefully we won't lose them in the crowd.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Rebecca Yaker at Stich!

Stitch was awesome event and fantastically organized!
We arrived at the convention center at 11 am on Saturday, November10th - there was to be a runway walk-through at noon. I had a feeling I was going to have a model "no show", so I let Carly and Tina know that one of my models was a little sketchy..... Anyway, at about 11:45 I called her, as she had not arrived, and sure enough, she cancelled - all I could do was laugh, wondering if I willed it. Carly was determined to find me a model, and was constantly bringing me stitch volunteers. In the end, it was my beautiful, busty redhead Drew who saved the day. She got her college pal Yolis (short from Yolanda) to come on down and model. A cute, bubbly girl form Monterey, Mexico who goes to school in Austin. There were fantastic vendors at the Guerrilla Craft Bazaar, one woman had the most fantastic embroidered pieces I had ever seen - "Made byHank" out of Pennsylvania. I contemplated taking her home with me, I loved her work so much. So, all that waiting, and prepping, and sewing busty Drew into the dress (I was prepared for this with an extra panel of brown knit forjust the occasion), but you couldn't tell, and taking in David's BIG trousers (Jenny's measurements were a tad bit generous) paid off, because I had a fantastically exciting time. The crowd sounded a little quiet from backstage, but once Jenny revealed that bikini, they all went apeshit, and every pun is intended!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rebacca of SPCM covered in Star Tribune

Looks like our department has leak, because the local rag got the goods and featured the notoriuos Rebacca Yaker of Hazel and Melvin's Room.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No Hope in New Hope!!!!!!

The men in blue in New Hope, MN where able to apprehend mob members this past Saturday at the FAF (Family Arts Festival).

We have always known that the notorious ramble rousers wouldn't be able to abate justice forever, and this was our chance!

Look at her smug look as this Johnny Law puts the cuffs on the member kwown as Giraffe Art + Utility.

Rebecca pleaded to spare her monkeys, but we have worked too hard tracking these pest around the greater metro area to let their prehensile tails of destruction slip through the bars of the law.

Save your one phone call for Hazel and Melvin, Rebecca, cause you're going away!

Even though she tried to obscure her face, we know there will being no more running from the long arm of the law for Run Amok!

Even Jack from our K-9 Unit agreed, those handcuffs were hand made for Hezze*Made!

We were able to dust for prints to find evidence to stop the international reach of Trophiogrande.....good riddance!

Congratulations on a job well done!

The mob was able to slip through our hands again, as the prosecution, for unexplained reasons, dropped all charges!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

SPCM at the Textile Center

The mob was spotted on Saturday (August 25, 2007) approximately 10:00 AM at the location of 3000 University Ave SE, Minneapolis 55414 . According to evidence found on the scene their wares will be displayed from August 19 to September 1.

The crime scene involved gruesome displays a self-mutilating ham, some decorative plates, and what one can only assume a group of sock monkeys who were behind on their payments.

Our man on the inside was able to shoot these photos of the meeting place.

Warning, the crime scene photos get to even the most grizzled veterans on the force.....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sock Monkeys now at the Minnesota State Fair

Currently on display at the Great Minnesota Get Together you can find, in the Creative Activities Building, a simian vignette of of St. Paul Craft Mafia member Rebecca Yaker's sock monkey madness.The display highlights a retrospective of Rebecca's sock monkey work including the 2 infamous dresses, flying conjoined monkeys, a hat/scarf/mitten trio, and the new for 2007, the Sock Monkey Chair.

The State Fair is open through September 3rd - see it in person while you can!

Get more monkeys for yourself!


Established in 2006, the St. Paul Craft Mafia (SPCM) is comprised of
10 independent, hard-core crafters in Minnesota's Twin Cities. We all
share DIY passion - from fashion to craft to beauty to art and
everywhere in between. Most members of the SPCM own and operate a
respected and established business, representing the DIY spirit.
Together, through our individual unique talents and crafts, we provide
mutual resources of support, promotion, information sharing and fun.
We assemble as a group to represent DIY at its finest, and spread the
love and splendor of hand-made craft!

The first Craft Mafia was founded in 2003 by nine crafty business
women in Austin, TX. Since it's development in Austin, other Mafias
have popped up across the globe, including but not limited to the US,
Canada, England, and Australia.