Saturday, August 25, 2007


Established in 2006, the St. Paul Craft Mafia (SPCM) is comprised of
10 independent, hard-core crafters in Minnesota's Twin Cities. We all
share DIY passion - from fashion to craft to beauty to art and
everywhere in between. Most members of the SPCM own and operate a
respected and established business, representing the DIY spirit.
Together, through our individual unique talents and crafts, we provide
mutual resources of support, promotion, information sharing and fun.
We assemble as a group to represent DIY at its finest, and spread the
love and splendor of hand-made craft!

The first Craft Mafia was founded in 2003 by nine crafty business
women in Austin, TX. Since it's development in Austin, other Mafias
have popped up across the globe, including but not limited to the US,
Canada, England, and Australia.

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